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Nocservice Ltd is a private IT company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Located in Podil district one kilometre from Dnipro river we are situated in one of the oldest and loved by IT business district were history and technology meet.

We provide complete digital cloud transformation, optimization and architecture solutions for clients from all industries around the world.

Nocservice is born in Ukraine company in 2009, when term Development operations was established.
We provide service for every genuine DevOps needs

Cloud strategy
Every cloud experience in unique, and our consulting services can help you understand the best way to benefit from moving your infrastructure to the cloud being able to steadily grow and scale your business.
Cloud Migration
Migrations are only the beginning when it comes to your business taking advantage of the cloud. Whatever your business case may be, we'll help define your cloud roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, then work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.

DevOps Consulting Services
The continuous delivery of new code and features to your products with reduced time to market is essential for any company, while maintaining the reliability, security and compliance of this process.
DevSecOps Consulting Services
Managed Kubernetes
Kubernetes is orchestration tool allowing business with large investments to containers to run and manage their workloads quickly and efficiently.
High Load
Do you have any idea what high load is?If you deploy a web solution on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, you're maintaining a high load architecture.
Our clients
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Serhii Smitienko
Managing Partner
Sergii solely is one of the most experienced professionals in IT market in Ukraine.
Andrii Luzhanskiy
Partner, Chief Technical Officer
Andrii is partner in Nocservice LLC and holds a position of CTO with the company.
Contact us:
Obolonskaya Str , 29 B of 506
phone: +380-44-5945593
email: [email protected]
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